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Call Notes Pro

check out who is calling

Call Notes Pro helps you to identify who is calling you. You will see floating window with note and different address book fields.

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Runs on any Android version from Marshmallow to Android 12.

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You will always know who is calling. Call Notes Pro will show you the floating window with note and contact details. It is very easy to update the note after or during the call. Your notes are easily accessible later with search, tags, and reminders.


Address book fields

In addition to the notes, there is a lot of important information that would be nice to see when you are on the call. The caller's organization, position, anniversary and a lot of other fields are always visible during the call.

You could minimize the floating window, in case you need more space on the screen.



Simple, but flexible reminders. Plan calls, schedule recurring calls, add notes and never more forget to call back later.


Sync your in-app notes with Call Notes Pro Cloud. Your notes are always with you and synced on all of your devices. You can easily access and edit your notes at the web.

Call Notes Is a Cheat Sheet While You’re on the Phone.


A lot of Features

  • Highly customizable, you can adjust the location, font size, and color to fit your UI theme. A lot of advanced configuration options.
  • Dual SIM phone support.
  • Support for all Android address book fields and internal note database. You can put notes even for unknown numbers.
  • Sync in-app notes with the Call Notes Pro Cloud and access them on the web.
  • Simply export all your call history with notes to CSV file.
  • Android calendar support. The app will show the nearest event for the contact and has an option to quickly plan meeting.
  • Support for the Android Wear devices.
  • Dark theme.
  • Privacy is our top priority for us! App does not upload your data anywhere and use only official API for the sync. Please check privacy policy for the details.

Speaks your language

Call Notes Pro is translated into many languages. Our goal is to make it available to the entire world. We will be more than grateful if you could help to translate this application into the languages known for you and unknown for us.


Get it on Google Play
Runs on any Android version from Marshmallow to Android 12.

Check our Help Center for apps docs and support.